Artist: Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition: SCRY BABY

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Medium: Printmaking

Instagram: @klart760

Artist Background:

Kelvin’s hometown is San Diego, CA and received his associates degree there at a community college. He’s now an Undergraduate at CSULB in Printmaking and produces free and non academic art. He is somewhat of a street performer and makes his art live at underground music events. His interest in printmaking stemmed after drawing and painting for quite some time. One of the reasons he strayed away from painting was because oil paint created his head to hurt. The pros of printmaking is that uses natural resources. This is something he is passionate about. Kelvin likes to have a wellbeing within himself and within the environment. He believes in the power of crystals and is present in his art. Kelvin Lopez’s influences are Alex Grey and Fred Tomocelli, geometric shapes and his lab director. He loves getting a rise out of his audience and leaving an impression.

Formal Analysis:

His material is litho crayon on limestone, nitric acid, screen frame, squeegee, ink, transparent base. The crystals allow the art to pop!

Content Analysis:

Kelvin’s motivation in his art is his personal life. He represents the crystals as almost being a magical crystal ball, in telling the future and the past. This process is called scrying.

My Experience:

I believe this type of artwork is more popular nowadays. His work is more psychedelic and I could easily see his art on one a DJ/EDM type music album cover. I love his artwork dealing with the crystals because crystals are also some sort of fashion statement currently. I appreciate the meaning behind his work and I love how his art represents so much creativity.