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I decided to sen my ACP to my older sister that lives in New York!

What I included in my art care package:

  1. Girl Scout cookie box–Thin Mints (my all time favortie!)
  2. Rose petals– I received a bouquet of roses from my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.
  3. Movie tickets– Fifty Shades Darker…riskaaaay!
  4. Some lucky pennies–I am a firm believer in some luck.
  5. Groupon– To a massage gifted from my boyfriend.
  6. Cosmopolitan Magazine ad– best magazine ever!
  7. Photo Booth pictures– photographed with my best friends and boyfriend (definitely a great night!)
  8. Voting Ballot–Today’s politics are historical.


  1. I believe sending an ACP is more intimate than sending a quick Snapchat that someone probably sent it to multiple people. I think it is more intimate than Snapchat due to the fact that it takes more time to create and you are sending tangible objects.
  2. I completely view ephemera as precious. These temporary objects gain value over time. For example, at this time, the Girl Scout Cookie box doesn’t have that much value to me (other than signifying delicious cookies are near). However, in fifty years, what if these cookies do not exist anymore? We can even dig deeper into examining the cover picture of the box and how it represents our time. For instance, it is a picture of girls planting (stressing the importance of taking care of our world). Right now global warming is a crucial debate, and we can argue this represents that.
  3. I believe there is a difference between art that is seen by many people and this ACP that is seen by a few. While it does have similarities, like being almost a time capsule of that time. I think that art in galleries are more grand and magnificent than these more intimate projects.
  4. I believe thinking about someone and showing any degree of care is valuable. However, for this example I would feel more loved if someone spent all afternoon preparing dinner for us rather than getting fast-food last minute. I do think that ACP can contain a more deeper showing of affection because it takes more time and effort into displaying your care. It seems as though we have lost sight of these slower-paced intimacies. I had to double check how to address a letter because it is something I rarely do. Think about how nowadays our best friends just write on our Facebook pages for our birthdays and do not send cards in the mail. We like instancy and are straying from intimacy.