Artist: Emily Anne Barnett

Exhibition: Recent Works on Paper

Gallery: Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: @emily_b_anne

Artist Background:

Emily Anne Barnett is from Northern California and graduated from Humboldt State. She is currently a post grad at Cal State Long Beach in printmaking. She said she’s been drawing for about nine years. She stresses the importance of mental health awareness as she has been a victim in anxiety and depression. She states that reflects her struggles through most of her artwork.

Formal Analysis:

Emily starts her art as purely lithographs then combined with a painting. Materials include: lithographs, monotype, gouache, watercolor, sharpography, water-soluable crayon. She uses one image and uses it throughout her gallery in many different ways. This reoccurring image is a representation of Pooh bear, a “comfort object” she used throughout her life.

Content Analysis:

Emily’s art is meant to visualize what it is like to deal with mental illness. These paintings are a translation from the feelings of anxiety and putting them into visualizations. These paintings arise from what she may have felt at that moment or representing her feelings from the past.

My Experience:

I appreciated Emily’s gallery due to the fact I have dealt with anxiety disorder and know first hand how destructive it can be. Emily’s pieces represented how anxiety can feel. And it is not a smooth experience. Her piece that I believe is called,”Puppy,”did a fantastic job of what anxiety feels like. Its all over the place. One thought can spiral in to many different thoughts and outcomes. She used alarming colors such as red, yellow and bright blue. I really loved this gallery and the message she conveyed.