Artist: David DeSabtis
Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlin Gallery
Artist background: 
David realized he wanted to pursue a career in art once he turned 18. He started drawing at a very young age and always had a knack for art. He tended to doodle motorcycles at a young age. He probably did so because he’s always loved exciting things and get his adrenaline pumping. He stated that Long Beach has one of the most pristine and top art programs in the west coast. This is his first full showing. 
Content Analysis:
David stated that his work is experimentations on figurative imagery and expressive mark makings. He said since his art is abstract it has multiple meanings. A different meaning for different people. His influences are music within his artwork. 
My Experience:
I thought David’s gallery was very unique. I instantly connected music with his artwork. One of the pieces that I was drawn to was the red samurai-like portrait. It was very eye grabbing because of the vibrant color. You can also sense the passion behind it.