Artist: Amy Duran

Exhibition: forever by your side 

Media: Ceramics, Sticks, Grass, Velvet

Gallery: CSULB School of Art Gallery

Instagram: @polkadot.pony

Artist background:

Artist Amy Duran is a senior at CSULB with a BFA major in ceramics. She has always had a passion for art her whole life and had a knack for it throughout her childhood. Her messages in this exhibit and her past work has a running theme of discovering her own self.  Amy hope to one day land a job within entertainment and be a decorator for sets and make props!

Formal Analysis:

Amy’s exhibition, forever by your side, tells the tale of her growing up.  Her gallery demonstrates a fairytale-like story of her growing out of childhood. It shows a girl meeting animals. Which represents her being exposed to society. Her art displays ceramic dolls through different windows and a book next to it. As like its reading a story. This art is also quite interactive as you can spin the ceramic doll. Her art consists of painted ceramics, grass/trees, velvet and a background Amy painted.

Content Analysis:

This gallery displays coming out of the ‘pure and innocent’ childhood fairytale and feeling alone. This is where Amy begins to find herself including her sexuality. This gallery also portrays Amy’s personal struggles battling anxiety and drawing further away from her inner child. She also embraces this change and strives to be an empowered women. She wants to show that not feeling completely set on where you are in life is okay. We learn from every experience and it helps us become who we are as people. Amy  also exemplifies female empowerment throughout her artwork. She believes children are less filtered and will give you more truth than what society has done to make us shy away from expressing our true feelings.

My experience:

I loved Amy’s gallery. I appreciated everything she stood for–female empowerment, sexuality empowerment and believing that the good and bad in life shape who we are. I always find it comforting when artists display their anxiety struggles throughout their art as I don’t feel as alone with my own anxiety battles. I also am a sucker for fairytales and I believe Amy told her own reality in a beautiful way.

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