Artist: Alice Andreini


Exhibition: No-Man’s Land

Gallery: Max L. gator Gallery

About Artist:

Alice Andreini was an undergrad in Minnesota and majored in set designing. She’s currently a graduate student at CSULB and is on her way to complete her MFA in the School of Art’s drawing and painting program. Alice hopes to become a teacher at CSULB. Her hobbies include hiking, viewing the latest galleries, and poetry.

Content Analysis:

Her message behind her work is that she wanted to convey that the new architectural world was not always there and that is not a natural surrounding. We have made man made things a part of our daily lives. These man made creations are covering the world’s nature. 1-1.jpg

Personal Observation:

I liked Alices’ approach and message as it was unique. Her work reminded me of a abstract view of Long Beach. We get quite a lot of oil rigs and things like the port.  I loved her balance between dark and bright colors. And how the bright colors are almost breaking through the dark.