I absolutely love the Japanese Gardens. I would come here ever since my freshman year to destress and enjoy the beautiful zen vibes and fed the koi fish. So sitting and sketching this amazing place was very pleasurable.

The 30 second sketch–

I never realized how fast 30 seconds go by when you’re trying to capture so much beauty! It was a good way to get my pencil and hand flowing and ready for some more sketches ahead


The 5 min sketch–

It was nice to take more time and focus on more aspects of the garden as there are so many! I enjoyed trying to sketch the trees and rocks here.


Contour Hand–

This was so much harder than I expected it to be. I felt as though I did a great job until I looked down at my paper! It was a nice feeling to just have the pencil flow and not worry too much about the outcome.


Counter Garden–

This was different from my hand as it had more sharp movement to the branches and bushes. But it was simple enough to have it be rugged and still have a nice outcome.



The aspect I struggled with the most throughout all the sketches were how to make water look realistic and how many different types of trees there were to draw! I loved the bridge and tried to emphasize that as much as possible.IMG_1080.JPG