I know whatever I end up doing in life, I want to be happy! All of these paths include traveling and getting married. These are things that will contribute into becoming more fulfilled and happy within my life.

The first path is what I currently think I will be doing with my life.

I would love to become a casting director. Specifically for Disney. I am currently a cast member for Disneyland and if I continue to work with the company and look for new opportunities! I also know that in the entreatment business you need to know someone and constantly need to be networking. I do not have a lot of connections so I need to intern more and try to get myself out there.

From there I would love to land an assistant job and move to LA. Then become a casting director and get my own place. Then one day it would be amazing to become my own boss and even get a dog. And finally I would love to travel, get marries and have a steady income.

This path would lead me to have 80 percent satisfaction and 75 percent impact. Since my resources are limited I put it as 40 percent, leading my confidence to be around 70 percent.


Next, is the thing I would be doing if the thing I wanted to do disappeared. 

This would lead me to be involved in marketing for Red Bull. I currently work for the company and I know they do amazing hiring within and promoting. So I would be 90 percent confident within this career path. Red Bull is very exciting and always has new projects. I would love to work for the RB headquarters in Santa Monica and then maybe move to NY headquarters to get more of a sense of traveling.


The thing I would do if I was financially secure, and no one would ever laugh at would be a children’s author.

I feel like this path would give me the most satisfaction (100%). I love to make up stories especially for young children. I know my brother has a million great ideas so I could collaborate with him. That alone would be amazing! Then my dream would be to sell books and go on tour and read then to children at story time! This career allows me to travel more–something I really want to do! However, I do not have the knowledge or resources to pursue this. But I know that if I try my best, I am sure I can make my dream a reality!