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Week 10- Artist Conversation

Artist: Amy Duran

Exhibition: forever by your side 

Media: Ceramics, Sticks, Grass, Velvet

Gallery: CSULB School of Art Gallery

Instagram: @polkadot.pony

Artist background:

Artist Amy Duran is a senior at CSULB with a BFA major in ceramics. She has always had a passion for art her whole life and had a knack for it throughout her childhood. Her messages in this exhibit and her past work has a running theme of discovering her own self.  Amy hope to one day land a job within entertainment and be a decorator for sets and make props!

Formal Analysis:

Amy’s exhibition, forever by your side, tells the tale of her growing up.  Her gallery demonstrates a fairytale-like story of her growing out of childhood. It shows a girl meeting animals. Which represents her being exposed to society. Her art displays ceramic dolls through different windows and a book next to it. As like its reading a story. This art is also quite interactive as you can spin the ceramic doll. Her art consists of painted ceramics, grass/trees, velvet and a background Amy painted.

Content Analysis:

This gallery displays coming out of the ‘pure and innocent’ childhood fairytale and feeling alone. This is where Amy begins to find herself including her sexuality. This gallery also portrays Amy’s personal struggles battling anxiety and drawing further away from her inner child. She also embraces this change and strives to be an empowered women. She wants to show that not feeling completely set on where you are in life is okay. We learn from every experience and it helps us become who we are as people. Amy  also exemplifies female empowerment throughout her artwork. She believes children are less filtered and will give you more truth than what society has done to make us shy away from expressing our true feelings.

My experience:

I loved Amy’s gallery. I appreciated everything she stood for–female empowerment, sexuality empowerment and believing that the good and bad in life shape who we are. I always find it comforting when artists display their anxiety struggles throughout their art as I don’t feel as alone with my own anxiety battles. I also am a sucker for fairytales and I believe Amy told her own reality in a beautiful way.

Untitled 2.pngUntitled.png


Week 10 -Architecture & Urban Planning – The Wedge

I have a love for quirky things. I love when my roof leaks from the rain, I love when me refrigerator door squeaks. So it is safe to say for the past four years, I have loved this wedge on campus. There has been many times where I am waiting in line to “cut time” and just laugh because I know I’m not. So I wouldn’t change this wedge on campus because it has become a lovable quirk. But if I had to, I would try and open it up so the pedestrian traffic would flow much faster. Because there is a big concrete wall in the middle of this pillar, it blocks possible walkways. So if we take that out and add a thinner pillar, traffic would flow much easier. Also there is a small concrete bench right by the wedge that would be beneficial to take out. 

Week 9 activity-spray paint

I felt like a bad ass doing this! It felt very powerful doing this art activity. I wish I had a huge surface to do more and get extra creative but it was still quite fun working with what I had.  While I was doing it I thought how crazy it was that art has so many different forms including spray paint. I can see why it’s a thrilling experience for street artists. I was thinking about how cool it would be to spray paint on a stencil as well. The effect spray paint has is very fun and different from regular painting. It’s also unique  in the sense where different techniques of applying spray paint are used. I’m definitely no graffiti artist however it was so fun to do this one!

Week 9- artist conversation 

Artist: David DeSabtis
Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlin Gallery
Artist background: 
David realized he wanted to pursue a career in art once he turned 18. He started drawing at a very young age and always had a knack for art. He tended to doodle motorcycles at a young age. He probably did so because he’s always loved exciting things and get his adrenaline pumping. He stated that Long Beach has one of the most pristine and top art programs in the west coast. This is his first full showing. 
Content Analysis:
David stated that his work is experimentations on figurative imagery and expressive mark makings. He said since his art is abstract it has multiple meanings. A different meaning for different people. His influences are music within his artwork. 
My Experience:
I thought David’s gallery was very unique. I instantly connected music with his artwork. One of the pieces that I was drawn to was the red samurai-like portrait. It was very eye grabbing because of the vibrant color. You can also sense the passion behind it. 

Week 8-Classmate Conversation

I met with Jennifer Ostroff and she transferred to Long Beach after going to school in Pennsylania for two years.

She is interested in switching her major to Film. We talked about how we are both interested in the  behind-the-scenes film industry. I want to be a casting director and she would love to be a screenwriter.

She went abroad to the U.K. and I thought that was so interesting as I really want to do the same! She highly recommends traveling abroad and said it was one of the best experiences.


Week 8-Fingerpainting 

This was such a therapeutic experience. I was dreading for this to be another homework assignment on my agenda but it was quite the contrary. I didn’t set out to create anything in particular but as I was painting I started to see something come of it. To me, it looked like a pond with fish circling around. It was a fun experience to think I was just going to make meaningless marks but I ended up creating a little scene out of it. This was inspiring and freeing. This compares to other paintings I have seen by being within the same fluidity. That anything goes and will be beautiful no matter what. 

Week 7-Artist Conversation

Artist: Elena Roznovan

Exhibition: Stop & Stare

Instagram: @eroznovan

Artist Background:

Elena Roznovan is a current graduate student at CSULB. She studied her undergrad at Maryland Institute Collge of Arts. She was actually born in a city outside of Ukraine. She started her love for art as a painter then moved into interactive installations as an undergrad. Her influences include Larry Bell and wanted to come to California for the influence of light and space.

Content Analysis:

Elena’s artwork revolves around video installations. This is where she plays with 2D, 3D and 4D. This is done to have the viewer concentrate on a certain part of the image. The theme for her gallery was light and time. She explained how different people spend their perception of time differently. For example, some can view time as something to be anxious about while others see it as a gift and almost meditative. Her artwork signifies the need to pay attention in this busy world and notice huge things happening in our world.

My Experience:

I loved how grand her artwork was. It was something that came to life. To me, it showed that many memories or perceptions can be built in one area. I love the idea to take time and enjoy the beauties of the world. And if something seems overwhelming, to take a step back and appreciate the details of it. IMG_0329.JPG

Week 6-Zine

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As I stress over midterms, jobs and personal life, I looked out of my window and find so much peace in the clouds. I actually want to be a children’s book author one day so this was a fun project for me. I love how innocent and goofy children books are so that’s why I chose to go in the more playful young direction with my zine. Stories can show so much imagination and creativity. I have also realized how important it is to have great illustration in children’s book as that is what they gravitate to enjoy and understand.

Week 6- Artist Story

As I explored  Ariel Maldonado’s gallery, I appreciated the tribute to how we are taught at a young age to abide by rules and almost be scared. It inspired me to write a story about an anxious young me. I chose one of Maldonado’s pieces that reminded me of a brain and how sometimes it can be safe and have the “green light” or feel like it is in danger and be “red.”

Red or Green?

It’s recess. Handball. Okay, seems safe enough. It’s just a rubber ball. But Victoria hits it really hard. What if it bounces so hard and hits me in the face? Red. And all my teeth fall out? Red. And then I have to miss reading hour and go to the hospital. Red. I can’t miss reading hour, I won’t pass sixth grade and won’t ever make it to jr. high. Red. That’s when I am supposed to mature and get pretty and get a boyfriend. But what if I grow too tall? Get too fat? Don’t get a boyfriend? Red. Red. Red. My crush since second grade still doesn’t like me. There’s no way anyone will ever like me. Supervisor walking around. Okay, safe. If anything happens she can help. Green. She can call my mom if I get hurt. Green. If I go home I can just lay in my bed and watch Disney Channel. Green. That idea is sounding good right now. I can say I am sick so I can home. My stomach is actually hurting from all this bad thinking. No. That would be the third time this month. What if I just spend the whole recess in the bathroom and I will say there was a long line. Ugh lines make me claustrophobic…

“Chelsea, do you want to play handball or what?”


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